Wichtiger Schritt zur effizienten Netzintegration von Windstrom

Grosses europäisches Projekt zur Windleistungsvorhersage unter Beteiligung von ForWind abgeschlossen

Safewind confirms European excellence and leadership in wind power forecasting – Combined efforts of EU industry and research deliver solutions for increasing the share of renewable energy in electricity generation

The European project SafeWind has developed leading-edge research in short-term forecasting of wind power by:

  • Delivering state-of-the-art solutions to facilitate large-scale integration of wind energy into electricity networks.
  • Bringing its solutions close to the business processes of the European power systems industry.
  • Developing academic excellence and European leadership in the field with more than 120 scientific publications (30+ journal papers).
  • Creating worldwide business opportunities for high-end European technology.
  • A successful public Workshop presented the project results and marked 10 years of European collaborative research that have shaped the field, starting with the projects ANEMOS and ANEMOS.plus.

The European Union has set ambitious goals for integrating renewable energies into the energy mix, like the 20-20-20 target, which foresees 20% of renewables by 2020. The wind industry has the potential to contribute to these targets. However, integrating wind generation into power systems brings challenges because it depends on weather conditions. Forecasting the power output of wind farms, and the related uncertainties, is a means to facilitate large-scale integration of wind generation.

Prior to SafeWind, the focus was on forecasting “usual” operating conditions. However, challenging or extreme situations can result in severe forecasting errors that can be costly for both infrastructures and the power system. SafeWind emerged to satisfy end-users’ need for specific approaches that substantially improve wind power predictability by reducing large errors, or by predicting extremes at local scale through to European scale. In addition, wind predictability was considered as a system design parameter linked to the investment phase, where the aim is to take optimal decisions when installing new wind farms.

The four-year project was coordinated by the Centre for Energy and Processes, which is a joint Research Centre of MINES ParisTech and ARMINES in France. The Consortium comprised 23 partners from 9 countries including India. Excellence was developed through multidisciplinary research in close relation to industry. Recognising the role of meteorology when integrating renewables into power systems, a strategic collaboration was developed with the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the central research and operational weather forecasting centre in Europe.

SafeWind, together with the previous projects ANEMOS and ANEMOS.plus. covered the entire value chain, from R&D, evaluation through demonstration and applications, up to commercialisation of the resulting software (i.e. by the Australian Market and Systems Operator).

For more information visit www.safewind.eu

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