Education and Further Education

The German wind energy sector has developed from a niche industry into an internationally operating branch of the economy with a significant turnover. Specialists and managers are currently sought after in all areas of the industry.

With its continuing studies program in Wind Energy Technology and Management (‘Windstudium’), ForWind offers the first national scientific further education program specifically for the wind energy sector.

The Continuing Studies Programme Offshore Wind Energy is the first specifically designed study programme for the offshore wind energy industry with focus on project-, risk-, and interface management.

The ForWind-Academy offers seminars which are related to practice and which draw on current scientific interrogation.

ForWind/University of Oldenburg is one of the founding members of the European Wind Energy Master (EWEM). Also at the Universities of Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen, students can specialize in the area of wind energy within the framework of various Bachelor and Master of Arts majors. A postgraduate course of study with a core focus on renewable energies is also offered in Oldenburg.