General scope

The aim of IEA Wind Annex 32 is to address the very fast development of wind lidar technologies and their applicability for more accurate measurement of wind characteristics relevant for a more reliable deployment of wind power systems. The purpose is to bring together the present actors in the research community and industry to create synergies in the many R&D activities already on-going in this very promising and new measurement technology.

Project evolution

In October 2016 the first Phase of IEA Annex 32 was concluded after three and a half years of fruitful activity. One valuable result was the establishment of an international community that is devoted to the joint discussion of and improvement to the state of art as well as the perspective of lidar applications. The momentum of this community should be further energized and directed to release lidar technology from the constraints still restraining its application. For this purpose Task 32 has been extended to a second three year phase.